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Gala Bingo is an online bingo and casino offering under the ownership of GVC Holdings. Gala Bingo was originated in 1991 as a division of Bass plc. It later became an independent company, and then became the Gala Coral Group after acquiring Coral Eurobet in 2005. After the sale of its 126 clubs in 2015 to Caledonia Investments (who rebranded them as Buzz Bingo in September 2018), Gala Coral retained the online Gala services and was later acquired by Ladbrokes (which was later acquired by GVC Holdings).


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Service Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Terrible place to work ,full of bullies . waste of time telling HR if u are being bullied as they are only for the business not for the staffs welfare . Cons: Poor management"

Customer Service Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Most stressful job I've ever had.. No morals, vulgar language in office, Ridiculous hours. Finish late back in very early. I've worked in sales and customer services for a long time. Been an account manger ' sales manager took this due to redundancy due to covid 19.. had to walk out of this job, for my own health and morals.. I have standards and morals ..this company doesn't!!. Times are hard but I had to walk Cons: Long hours. ridiculous shifts / breaking covid 19 rules"

Session manager (Current Employee) says

"Started working for the company over 15 years ago when it was gala, was the most amaizing place to work. Your general manager knew the business, knew what tje customers wanted and knew how to run a club and had the freedom to do what they wanted to make the business succesful. As the years went on the local control dwindled and the company took away all control. All control has been taken away from heneral managers and it has become pretty much a one size fits all kind of business. We now have managers that dont know the business and managers that will just do anything to look good to the top brass. Boost.... what a joke. Most managers that knew the business have been forced out now and things will only get worse. Wake up buzz and give back control to managers to make the business thrive again. The clubs have lost nearly all personality. Such a shame Cons: The exec and top brass"

General Manager (Former Employee) says

"First of all let's be clear. The problems with this company started a decade ago, with the arrival of the then MD. Said MD embarked on a change plan which involved removing any modicum of common sense and experience out of the business, clearly threatened by the capability and knowledge at club level. The more sycophantic of the remainder got promotions, where it seemed that your social media skills and image were much more important than delivering results in the business. It is notable how many of these chancers/characters are now engaged in a certain pub business, and such sycophancy is rife again in that business. It's like they never learned. And never will. I will never forget when I was told by my then regional manager NOT to look at the P&L?! Crazy. Maybe that was to throw you off from looking at the rental charge that was to hit when the freeholds are sold off - more on this later. So when a business is faced with real problems, terminal income and profit decline and dwindling customer numbers, what do you do? You carry on and ramp up the change don't you! Remove any sort of control from clubs and try and brand run the entire business from centre. Just look at this company's social media posting during the recent Covid period and you'll see how inappropriate by marketplace it is - totally missing the point. Cons: long unsociable hours, poor rewards, awful management in and out of clubs"

Machine Host (Current Employee) says

"Made people redundant via a phone call. I think that says it all."

Host (Former Employee) says

"Wouldnt go back to buzz bingo ever again poor management have there favourites if face dont fit u woe be liked . Dont even get perks for working for the place. AVOID WORKING THERE . Its.also like big brother. Shame treat customers like dirt sometimes also"

Bartender/Kitchen Assistant (Former Employee) says

"The job itself was very laid back and the customers were very nice. The main issue with this job is that the managers there have no idea how to speak to staff or how to run a successful team. They speak to staff like there children and there was absolutely no reward for doing a good job."

Presenter (Former Employee) says

"Paperwork and training were lax at best, shift patterns and rotas were not thoughtful. Or put up with adequate time to plan ones life. Not receiving the 20 minutes, 'allocated' break time. Being pressured into doing multiple roles at once."

Hostess (Former Employee) says

"Treated like rubbish and disposable"

Customer assistant (Former Employee) says

"I’ve never known such a toxic place to work. Harassed by management, when made a complaint, nothing was done. Harassed and abused by customers, again, nothing done."

Session manager (Current Employee) says

"Management don’t care I step down from management as was not treated right gave my 12 years to them and been treated not nice them whole years but trying to get new job now"

Host (Former Employee) says

"Not trained by the right people some staff think you are above the rest"

Buzz bingo caller (Former Employee) says

"Worse company ever. Shocking management, poor communication, long hours and poor staff Morel. This company offers poor wages, treats their staff with no respect and aspects them to work last minute. Avoid this company at all costs!"

"Specialist" Cleaner (Former Employee) says

"I worked at Buzz (or Gala Bingo, as it used to be called) for 3.5 years, and I was completely miserable the whole time. No chance of career progression, despite asking for the opportunity on several occasions, and managers seem totally unwilling to see if it's possible. Managers refuse to talk to you about things that affect you. Often get ridiculously long breaks of 5-6 hours, and you can't go home for that when you live 20 miles away. Often on break longer than I worked all day in total. Cons: Managers hide, a couple of annoying colleagues, long breaks, no career opportunities, having to admit to working here on CV"

Customer Service Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Absolutely awful company to work for, management are Bullies, Customers are so hard done by, no benefits. No nothing! Cons: Management, rude customers"

Customer Host (Former Employee) says

"This is the worst place I've ever worked. The management are bullies, the staff are nasty and every day is the same as the last. 14 hour shifts all the time, and there is no room for going up the ladder. Honestly don't make that mistake, every day is horrible. They have a high staff turnover, 4 new staff members a week who always quit. For your own sanity and mental health, apply else where Cons: Never finish on time, management dont care, often screw up wages and you get overworked and told off for being sick"

Specialist Cleaner (Current Employee) says

"Started here management was OK but they change managers all the time. He didn't have a clue but thinks he's really important . Other staff some have been there a long time are brown noses and very two faced the hosts come and go. Cons: Everything"

Presenter/host (Former Employee) says

"Wages awful Cons: Awful pay, long hours"

Cleaner (Former Employee) says

"Totally lied to at the interview, they said they really look after you Cons: Everything really"

Customer Service Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Applied for customer host.. I was greatly mistaken and mislead by the advertisement for this position it states no day will be the same .. I can assure you after being successful for the job you will be placed in the Diner forever more .. which basically entails running out the food to the tables, going around with your trolley collecting dishes and operating the dishwasher.. after speaking with many other employees this seems to be the norm to be stuck in the diner as the cleaner and dishwasher! 15 mins gets deducted of your wage if you clock in 3 mins early or late.. also no staff discount for lunch time on your split 14 hour shift.. Cons: Long hours, Minimun wage & no staff benefits"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Gala Bingo full-time for more than a year Cons: Management are bullies, constantly treated like poo on there shoes."

Former Employee - Host says

"I worked at Gala Bingo full-time for less than a year Cons: Management, boring, wage, certain staff"

Former Employee - Host says

"I worked at Gala Bingo part-time for more than 3 years Cons: Avoid at all costs. They expect the world from you and pay you pennies for it. Not worth it at all"

Former Employee - User Experience Designer says

"I worked at Gala Bingo full-time for more than a year Cons: Very poor working atmosphere! You are just a number to them. Lots of redundancies and merger in the past few years. No job security here no matter if they paid a lot."

Former Employee - Host says

"I worked at Gala Bingo full-time for more than 5 years Cons: Long hours No benefits A lot of staff favourited by management"

Joanne Southall says

"So I joined gala in this new lockdown because I’m 53 and stuck at home right now. Everything was fine they sent an email saying I was verified and could start to enjoy playing. I deposited £40 and spent it. I then did the daily pick prize which I won a whole £1 and played 20p a spin on rainbow riches. At which point I won £34.50 I decided to withdraw the £30 only now to be asked for a ‘selfie’ of myself holding my ID and picture of certain digits on my back card. I find it disgusting they want a grown woman to send a selfie. My ID alone isn’t good enough they want me holding it so god knows who can look at a picture of me! They can shove the £30!"

Pauline Stanton says

"I really dont know why my first review was let me try again..I'm a disabled pensioner. I am alone during lock down and joined gala bingo for a bit of company.i have never ever played bingo on line in my life prior to november 2020..I joined gala 15/1/2021.i made a deposit played and lost.after making a second deposit gala accused me of having multiple accounts..i immediately thought my I.D.had been stolen and was worried sick.however after reading various other reviews it seems to be a common occurrence with this company.i can see their reasoning causing this kind of distress to a member with lots of money in their account but my deposit was £10. I cant for the life of me understand why i was treated this way...they are still insisting i have multiple accounts This is absolutely untrue..I'm so sorry i didnt turn to the reviews prior to signing warned..."

Jen Comerford says

"After losing 1,400 I’ve Tested roulette on the gala bingo casino for the last 2 days. Covered the table 99% 10 times didn’t win. I put 10p on number 0 70 times didn’t win. Spoke to 6 different people on live chat when I asked them all when their last update was from the gambling commission they all ended the conversation and left the chat. It’s all take take take. This company needs to be closed down immediately"

Stephen De-coste says

"I agree with you I played big banker £200 which I played £1 a go did not get one big banker bonus rip off slot company stay well clear raging 90% or whatever payout all lies"

Hugo Chance says

"Saw a 'stake £5 and receive 200 free spins' welcome offer for Gala Bingo via an Instagram ad so signed up, deposited £5 and looked to claim the offer. It was nowhere to be seen. I contacted customer service who were totally useless and after being cut off several times, asked me to send them a screen shot of the offer. I explained that I couldn't do this as it was an insta ad (impossible to reverse time and find it!) Furthermore, it shouldn't be up to me to provide evidence of this, rather the promo code should be automatically integrated upon registration. I have just explained the situation (again) in detail via email to their customer service team and got the exact same response back asking for a screen shot!! Unbelievable!! This is a truly awful new user experience and I do not recommend using Gala bingo or casino. If I could give 0/5 then I would. Awful and total waste of time."

Roz Stevenson says

"I have just stupidly spent another twenty pounds on gala bingo slots. The payout ratio on their slots are appalling. Do yourself a favour and save your money. I will buy twenty pounds of lottery tickets the next time I feel like a gamble as I probably have more chance of winning something 🙈🙈"

Consumer says

"Opened Account and played few games of bingo, won £65 and carried on a few more games. The following day I went to play with my remaining balance of £25 and the account had closed! It wouldn't recognise any login details. I then opened another account using same details and was given a new account with no issue!! Money lost and no chat advisor listening or doing anything to help me. Money lost. Never using again as the site are clearly scamming people."

Leonard Price says

"Gala allowed someone else to open an account in my name and done nothing to stop £3000 being spent within one hour. Now refusing to refund the money so having to make a claim to be small claims court. They also then once I got the account closed took a further £2270 which has left me in severe debt over Christmas. Avoid this company. I will take them to court and get this company shut down for everyone."

James says

"Deposited money didn’t appear in my account. Complained and had my coral and Ladbrokes accounts blocked. Do not put any money in gala they clearly have a fault and then try to blame you for using and bar your accounts where you have money. Poor organisation. Stick to sky bet and paddy power. Much more honest companies and won’t try to defraud you."

Richard Gatto says

"Someone opened an account with Gala in my name and address. Much to my annoyance they must have passed all the security checks. I only found out when they sent me a Christmas Card with an offer to be used by the account holder. Live chat wouldn't confirm they would write me a letter or send an email to my email - only the fraudsters email on the account. Very poor security. At least send a letter indicating an account has been opened. That is what most companies do now."

Christine says

"I agree with all the bad reviews. They reel you in to start by giving you a few wins and then it's just take, take, take! Avoid if you don't wanna lose your hard earned cash!"

Kev says

"My missus was playing the Slingo it took her over 4hrs to play £20, she persevered with it as its all she plays, but every game she had was doing the same thing kept coming up with timed out log back in and there's been an unexpected error so having to refresh at least 5-9 times per game, it's supposed to be fun but it was annoying and frustrating for her and she wasn't getting the game experience she should have had, heres the kicker when telling the customers services about this the first one basically didn't bother with her and hung up the second one, well all she had to say about it was I will let technical know but it was reported over 2hrs ago and she found them to be pretty ignorant, and they didn't even offer to give her any money back to be able to play it when fixed, so to sum them up, dodgy faulty software, ignorant staff. Not fun"

Paul Pilmer says

"Please avoid this organisation like the plague! Honestly, you’ll follow all the sign up offers terms to the letter, then try and wager to unlock the offer only to find out you don’t qualify and that you have actually signed up to another offer, which you’ve never heard of, and guess what? If you want to unlock that offer you have to lose (I mean wager!) even more money. Awful organisation"

bones says

"Take your money and don't honour bonuses. IBAS case submitted"

Jamie H says

"Disgraceful site their only happy when your losing despite all their gamble aware messages. They give bonuses but then block you from using them"

Danny Houckham says

"Don’t play the slots £200 in ali baba game and not one bonus. Biggest win was £6 Absolute joke of a site."

Be A Light In The Dark says

"I'm always suspicious of everything concerning money as people are what they are! I had been using another site before signing up on Gala about 6 months ago, to be honest there was far more interaction on the chat which gave me confidence that the site and players were a bit more legit... Ive played all times of the day and in all rooms trying different tactics on ticket purchases and noting every name in chat and the winners... here's the thing... the regulars know each other either by name recognition the times they play.. but the ones who generally win regular ie the same names hitting multiple lines or house never chat and always seem to hit the big bonus payouts, like the deal or no deal bankers offer and final box! I watched 3 players hit multiple lines and house on a busy session of deal or no deal, I left quick to another room to try my luck and one of the same players was already there and won again so I jumped rooms again and what do you know the same names kept coming up.. dodgy.. When you watch the chat and the regulars stating the obvious you suddenly get a joint win with new winners (l.m.a.o).. I have also noticed any bonus winnings being tracked! I was on empty and won a daily bonus spin getting 23p I used it for 1p bingo and instantly won £75 .. not bad you might think but this has happened a few times noting I have never won off my own deposit or from the money won via the bonus winnings. Of course every player can't win all the time but not to come close or to be waiting on 1 number for multiple calls is a joke.. So I tested my theory.. I stayed in a busy room on 1p 2p 5p ticket sessions and purchased the full quote on every hand, for over 4 hours I didn't get within 4tg on lines or house.. an impossible thing if at random as lead to believe, I returned on another session same room and tactics and on dozens of occasions I was waiting on 1tg for anything upto 10 or more calls and this was with multiple 1 number tickets waiting and flashing to win... today there was over 1300 players in a room for 2p 5p rounds, I was in there for 2hrs trying full ticket quotas and less with 5 names regularly winning, so I made my point by naming them in chat and asking them to chat back.. not once did the winners respond and had taken £1000s between them... I can only assume and actually believe that these sites are inhabited by bots or a computer algorithm running to keep the real players from taking the cash out of the system.. the other site I was using was William Hill and trust me it's far worse and glaringly obvious that no genuine player has any good chance of winning.. Actually since I searched for a new bingo site 6 month ago the reviews on all have changed dramatically and checking again today every review seems to lean towards a lack of good faith and trust in the online bingo sites.. Play for the thrill but you may be better off actually going to the bingo hall and sitting down next to Vera your Nans neighbour and then you will at least hear some gossip pmsl"

Barrettfella says

"Initially, you will probably, within a week or so get a good win, and think yup, I like this site.... it's done to 'rope' you in. Then, you will find yourself depositing time and again, thinking how unlucky you were on your last deposit. But still seeing the same names win time and again.... this is not luck of the draw, it's called 'bots' and 'stooges'. I cannot prove it, perhaps gala would like to start legal proceedings against me for saying, but I'm totally convinced, many of the 'so called players' are actually CH hosts, employees of the site whom play when not being CH... whatever CH means. (Customer helper maybe).... it is a good bingo site, as far as playing with good graphics, but you will lose a lot of money after being sucked in.... one player, whilst I was playing lost £250 in a single day.... do the maths. I do still play, I know I'm probably going to lose, but only deposit small sums, and give it a break in between."